The motivation behind FuncFit [funk/fit].

By matt Huggins, NASM CPt

FuncFit Athletics opened in January of 2015. Our goal is to offer an efficient and specific training program to allow people to get fit. We emphasize correct form and proper movement through our programs, before you can walk you have to crawl!

We pride ourselves on our training. We offer quality, accountability, and affordability in our training. We tailor the training to fit people of all levels and goals. Our intention is to teach you how to move better, perform better, and feel better through your training with us.



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Personal Training

FuncFit offers pricing for both 30 and 60 minute training sessions for one or more people. We prefer 30 minute sessions based on proven programming that provides the most "bang for buck." However if the specific training goal requires more time for instruction, etc. we can accommodate. FuncFit also offers custom packages that can fit any goal. Below you will find the pricing. You will notice that we base our pricing off of your commitment. We feel it is important to be up front about pricing as well as encourage you to stick to a plan through multi month commitments.

*Personal Training is billed once a month in advance for all sessions in that month. For example, 8 sessions with a 6 month commitment would cost $240 a month for 6 payments.

If you have questions regarding pricing or would like to meet, we offer free consultations.


Online Program Design and Coaching

You don't have to be here to access our programming and support. If you are interested in a training program that is tailored to you, please fill out the questionnaire below. We will contact you to confirm once your information is received.


Please answer every question as thoroughly as possible.

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Are interested in nutrition help from a Registered Dietician? *


We have various specialized training programs that we have formulated to work towards the specific goals you are trying to achieve.

half/full marathon and Triathlon training including strength, core and mobility training

  • We offer full training plans that include programs for running and strength training to get you in the optimal condition to perform best in your race. This training program will include accountability for your distance runs, speed work with a trainer, strength training, mobility and core development.

teaching the fundamentals for young athletes

  • Every young athlete whether in middle school or high school needs to know how to lift and move properly under load. We take them through all basic barbells lifts as well as key kettlebell movements that build full body strength. The goal of these programs is to the make the athlete confident mentally and physically. *These programs are intended to last at least 12 weeks. The athlete will be progressed slowly and methodically.

pre/post natal Training programs

  • Exercise during pregnancy is extremely important. It can help relieve stress, allow for an easier pregnancy and delivery and most importantly, leave you feeling strong, confident, and energized. We can design a safe and effective program that will allow you to develop and maintain the strength needed to overcome the changes you face during your pregnancy. Keeping you in shape during pregnancy is the first step in getting excess weight off postnatal!
  • Our postnatal program is designed to get you back in gear and ready to tackle life with a newborn. We will help you shed excess weight, gain muscle tone and teach you safe and effective ways to move and perform. We guarantee you will be back in prime shape in no time!

weight loss

  • Too often people think they can off work what they eat in the gym or "chase your fork". Unfortunately that's not the case. This is why we have specific training programs that include the help of our partnership with Nutrition for a Lifetime. We will design a training program and a dietary program providing you assistance through every step to ensure your success.


  • The need for the senior population to exercise is becoming more and more necessary. With obesity rates drastically rising year after year and chronic disease becoming more prevalent, we cannot emphasize the importance of physical activity in older adults enough. Whether you grew up an athlete with an extremely active lifestyle or you have absolutely no experience in a gym, we have the perfect program for you. Let us help you combat the obesity epidemic and fight chronic disease by designing a program that improves your health and teaches you how to move safely, effectively, and efficiently.



Nutrition for a Lifetime and FuncFit Athletics

FuncFit has paired with Cathy Bowers, a Registered Dietician and owner of Nutrition for a Lifetime (nutritionforalifetime.biz), to offer you our full service approach to making you healthier via fitness and nutrition.

Cathy has over ten years of combined work and life experience in healthy living and disease preventing habits.

The packages start at $30 a month and can be customized to fit your needs and goals. Please contact us today to learn more!

*All clients who use the nutrition service are eligible for 10% off their personal training package.

to make an appointment

Call (757) 675–4300 from 8a – 7p daily, or schedule via email at matt@funcfitva.com
Appointments required for Personal Training.